Personal notes: It Starts With Food

Kristen says, “My thoughts…my notes…highlighted text…while I read this book.”

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not even through the preface…and I’m hooked.

“Whatever you are seeking – improvement in energy, mood, focus, sleep, athletic performance, symptoms, medical conditions, body composition, or quality of life…
It starts with food.”

As a complete foodie, who’s struggled with the fact my entire life, that statement totally resonated with me.  I was meant to find and read this book.

“…Whatever you are seeking in life…it starts with food.” I kinda think the authors are brilliant & that I completely agree. Or…I am just one who has such deep-rooted emotional issues with food…everything in life already centers around food for me…so of course, that is the answer!!


Chapter 1 is amazing. I am so excited and feel very in tune. I hope I have the exact same experience Melissa Hartwig (co-author) had.



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